Ferdinand Magellan
Ferdinand Magellan
By Saige Wilkerson

  • He was born in Portigul in 1480. But he died in 1521.He died at the age of 41.

  • In 1505 at the age of 22 he enlisted in a fleet of 22 ships to Dr. Francisco de Almida. It was his first time at sea.
  • He was a portuguese sea captain and led five spanish ships around the world with over 251 people.Sadly he didn't complete this voyage.This voyage was filled with challenges,disasters,and trageties, but it was one of the most important events in the history of exploration.He started looking for a quick way around the world He found a passage around South America. This passege is now known as The Straits of Magellan.On this voyage they ran out of food and water because the passage was longer than he expacted. Many of his crew died of starvation and disease.
  • Magellan landed on the Philippine islands and sadly died in a battle with two native tribes.After 3 years , only one ship with 18 men made it around the world and back to Spain.